Khimaira takes pride in its holistic views on security, taking all threats into consideration. With the lines between the physical and digital landscape thinning, the risks in the modern world are constantly evolving.

With the rise of new technology creating threats in the physical world, Khimaira consistently thinks outside the box when it comes to mitigating risk and making our clients safe.

We genuinely care about the well-being of our clients and the organisations we work with. Priding ourselves on being approachable and understanding when creating solutions to our client's problems.

Our aim is to add value and resilience to your organisation or personal effects. With accurate detailed reporting that gives you full control of your security solution.

If you are looking for a security solution, risk reporting, or need your security tested and reported on, fill out our contact form and a consultant will contact you in due course.

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Security & Risk Reporting

Khimaira will add value to your organisation and provide a better understanding on the risk environment by providing sensible risk reports keeping you in the know.

We facilitate organisations to be compliant to relevant ISO's and framework.

Security Solutions

Khimaira constructs and adds valuable security infrastructure, abiding by our "Close Cyber Practice" mentality,

We focus on protecting your two most valuable assets, employees and data.

Testing Secuirty Infrastructure

Khimaira provides skilled professionals who are able to think in dynamic ways to find vulnerabilities in current security solutions.

We will supply detailed confidential reporting, keeping on top of your potential risks.

E-Book Coming Soon

Collecting some of the greatest minds in Security Risk management and providing a process to help adjust to the evolving security environment.

We Add To The Conversation

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